15 Random Beauty Tips and Tricks

1.  A great way to heal dry hands is by rubbing the pith of a lemon all over them.  It works like magic!  (By the way, the pith is the white part between the rind and the pulp.)

2.  Conditioner can also be used as a moisturizer for your body.  When you are in the shower, rub conditioner all over, let it sit for about a minute and then rinse it off. This will actually work better than moisturizer plus it will save money!

3.  When using skin-care and makeup products, never use more than a pea-sized amount.  You will usually never need more than this and it will prevent you from wasting the product.

4.  It is best to use shampoo on soaking wet hair and conditioner on wringed-out hair.

5.  If your wearing a v-neck shirt, apply a little bit of shimmer around the v to highlight your collar bones.

6.  Highlighting your cheeks with a creamy, glowing blush will make your smile stand out and shine!

7.  If you put conditioner on before shampoo, it will make your hair extra shiny!

8.  A little dab of vaseline can be used to remove stubborn eye makeup.

9.  When applying moisturizer or cleaning your face, don't just dab the products on your skin.  Actually massage them into your skin with gentle circular motions.  This will help it to get deep into your pores and will also get the blood flowing to your face.  

10.  To make your hair smell beautiful, run a dryer sheet over it!

11.  To distract people from imperfections on your skin, wear a warm pink lipstick.  This will draw attention to your lips instead of to the blemishes.  

12.  To give a new look to your pony-tail, take a stray strand of hair and wrap it around the elastic.

13.  Turn your lipstick into lipgloss by adding a little dab of vaseline to your lips after applying your lipstick.

14.  If you like to wear perfume, go for an unscented deodorant so the two smells don't clash.

15.  A little dab of honey will help to dry up pimples.